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2019 Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship

Join the fun at the annual Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship on May 25-27, 2019 for a 3 day marathon spanning 40+ miles of Humboldt County’s towns, beaches, trails, and rivers over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship – Race Kick-Off 2016

Founded by metal sculptor Hobart Brown in 1969, the Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship has grown from a two block dash down Main Street Ferndale to the major event that spans Humboldt County today.

A local tradition since 1969, the Kinetic Race is no parade! In the Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship bodies of art and artist’s bodies are put to the test. Event participants (aka Kinetinauts) are a unique breed of human, facing innumerable obstacles as they traverse miles over land, sand, water, and mud.

Kinetic Sculptures & Racing Teams
Kinetic Sculptures are all-terrain human-powered art vehicles, engineered to race over road, water, mud and sand. They are impressive works of sculpture and engineering loaded with “kinetic thrills” like animated faces, fire cannons, and unusual drive mechanisms. Kinetic Racing teams consist of pilots, pit crews and peons. Pilots power their sculpture and steer, the pit crews assists the pilots in transforming the vehicle for the various challenges and fixing mechanical issues, and peons, well, they do whatever is needed for the team to get Glory.

Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship By Day

Saturday, Day 1: The Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship starts on the Arcata Plaza, at the noon siren. The racers take off to the Manila dunes, where they race through miles of sand to the imposing and inevitable “Deadman’s Drop”. Then on to Eureka’s Halvorsen Park for the Finish Line party where spectators can see the sculptures up close after their harrowing day.

Kinetic Grand Championship Day 1 Arcata Plaza Parade 2016

Sunday ,Day 2: Racing resumes in Eureka at the waterfront on the Humboldt Bay, where brave Kinetic Pilots race their crafts through the water (hopefully floating). Then back on land where they’ll trudge up Hookton Hill, a grueling 1 mile up, and a white knuckle 7% grade down.

Monday, Day 3 (Memorial Day): Teams start from the private racers’ campout at Crab Park where they will head over land to cross the Eel River under Fernbridge. The last leg of the KGC takes teams through the cow pastures of the Eel River Valley, and on to the Finish line on Ferndale’s quaint and historic Main Street, where they will celebrate for a while before heading to the Final Awards Dinner.

Saturday, Day 1 Schedule

Kinetic Grand Championship Day 1 Arcata Plaza Time Lapse 2015

10:00 a.m. to NOON: Arcata Plaza
Teams enter the Arcata Plaza at H Street and 9th Street then circle the square, subjecting themselves to judgement by experts in important Kinetic Categories like Art, Engineering, Safety, Kinetic Thrills, and Safety. Watch the Pageantry and “Brake Test.” Then eventually, the Queen will decide it is “NOON,” and set off the SIREN.

Once they scramble to their seats, Pilots will speed their sculptures around and around the town square until Rampmeister opens the starting gate, and releases the Kinetic Madness on the road to Glory!

NOON to 3:00: Manila Dunes Community Center Kinetic Festival
WHERE: If driving from the Plaza to the Manila Dunes, take 101 to Eureka, then cross Humboldt Bay on the 255/Samoa Bridges. Racers will be tying up traffic on the 255 between Arcata and Samoa. Parking is extremely limited. Bicycling is recommended.

Kinetic Racing Teams will pit stop and take a quick break at the Community Center’s Kinetic Festival, then prepare their sculptures to run on sand before setting off into the dunes toward the Pacific Ocean. Ocean spray and hard packed sand are a brief respit, as they will turn inland through June’s Dunes, and onto the inevitable Dead Man’s Drop.

1:00 until last team passes: Dead Man’s Drop
There’s two ways to get there: Beach Hike- Follow the teams out from the Manila Dunes Fest, over the dunes to the beach, and up the coast for around a mile, then turn inland and try to stay out of the way while the teams navigate the ever shifting, living landscape of the dunes. Dunes Hike- Alternately, you can bike or drive from Arcata or Manila to the exit of Dead Man’s Drop. Park on the side of the 255, and follow the crowd up through the dunes. Some of the best viewing spots are on the trail headed in.

1:00 until dark: Halvorsen Park Finish Line Party
Watch the Kinetic racers scramble across the Day 1 Finish Line after their adventures in the dunes. Observe the sculptures up close. Enjoy music, food, and the Beer Garden.

Sunday, Day 2 Schedule

Kinetic Grand Championship Day 2 Water Test, Humboldt Bay in Eureka 2016

Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship teams will enter Humboldt Bay at the Public Marina (Wharfinger Building) beginning at (a time to be determined) a.m. Awards are given for Biggest Splash,and Water Flipper.

Eureka Pit Stop
See the sculptures up close as they Pit Stop at ENF for lunch.

As early as 1:30; ends 7:00: Loleta Hill
The last chance to see Kinetic Sculptures on the course for the day is on Loleta Hill. It’s a brutal climb, followed by a fast ride on a winding road down. Park on the opposite side of the road from the teams, and give them some Glory!

Monday, Day 3 Schedule

Kinetic Grand Championship Day 3 Dead Drop 2015

Eel River Crossing Under Fernbridge
Teams will leave Crab Park at 10:01 a.m., and proceed through Loleta, past Fernbridge, where they will descend onto Private Property at the Worswick Bar.

Spectators should park on the Ferndale side of Fernbridge and walk down to the public side of the Eel River bank where they can watch the teams cross the River under Fernbridge. Please be careful where you park, and don’t try to cross the freeway on foot.

Begins as early as 1:00; ends 4:30: Finish Line: Main Street Ferndale
For just over three hours on one day a year, the corner of Main Street and Brown Street in Ferndale is the best party in the (Kinetic) Universe! Food, drinks, Kinetic Merchandise, and the handcrafted Victorian hamlet of Ferndale mark the end of the annual Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship.

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss a minute of the action at the annual Humboldt Kinetic Grand Championship in May, over the Memorial Day Weekend. From day one’s beginning at the Arcata Plaza, to Humboldt Bay in Eureka, to the grand finish and celebration in Ferndale, it’s a great way to celebrate (and use) your own kinetic energy over the Memorial Day holiday.

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