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Humboldt State University

What sets HSU apart from other universities? In a word, innovation .

Innovation begins with the way we approach the teacher-student relationship. Many colleges boast prestigious, but distant, faculty members. Our students actually know their world-renowned professors. In addition to being leaders in the sciences and humanities, HSU professors are commited to mentoring their students by including them in all kinds of experiments, lab research, and field work.

At Humboldt State, learning isn't limited to sitting in a classroom and taking notes. Our students take that knowledge and apply it in the real world by doing their own seismic readings, photography, wildlife studies, social work and more. Why is this important? Because success in the job market, whether you wind up in business, zoology or any field in between, requires strong entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills.

Our emphasis on combining classroom learning with hands-on experience, will help you gain those critical skills. It's an innovative approach to education that yields results. It's also something rarely found at an undergraduate school.

Who Said College Can't Be Fun?

Amy, along with professors from the physics, biology and music departments, shows us that in order to get the true Humboldt experience, you've got to mix fun with your education.

A Better World Starts in the Redwoods

Humboldt students are among the brightest and most unique students anywhere — and they've got a penchant for making the world a better place. Alex, Crystal and Saqib talk about how coming to Humboldt has changed their lives.

The Freshman Advantage

Humboldt State has something completely unique for Freshmen students: Freshmen Interest Groups (or FIGs) that will have you connecting with others who share your passions — from art, music and performance to social activism and outdoor adventures. Who knew surfing and camping were recommended freshmen activities?

Loving Humboldt's Unique Setting

Water. It's something close to the heart of Humboldt State. Whether it's the rain that keeps the redwood forest so lush or the vast Pacific our Oceanography students explore using their own research vessel, HSU students can't get enough of the H 2 0.

Humboldt State: The Aerial View

Get the tree-top-view of Humboldt State. From the top of Founders Hall to inside the Redwood Bowl, check out HSU like you've never seen it before.


College of the Redwoods

How To Register For Classes

How to Apply/Enroll

At College of the Redwoods, the enrollment process includes more than filling out an application, registering for classes and paying fees. There's a special program designed to help students succeed in college. It's called ”matriculation” and it includes the following steps:

  • assessment (math and English placement tests)
  • orientation
  • academic advising
  • registration
  • the development of an educational plan

By working with an advisor, College of the Redwoods will help you to meet these responsibilities and work with you to build a plan of success in college.

Five Steps to Enroll

  1. Submit New Student Application Form
  2. Participate in a Skills Assessment/ English and Math Placement Tests
  3. Participate in an Initial Academic Advising Session
  4. Register for Classes
  5. Complete a Student Educational Plan

Eligibility Information

    Open to any person 18 years of age or older who can benefit from the instructional curriculum of the college. High school graduates and holders of the Certificate of Proficiency are eligible for admission even if they are younger than 18.
    Any student who has completed the eighth grade can enroll but must also fill out a Concurrent Enrollment Form - (pdf) signed by a parent or legal guardian, his/her high school principal in addition to the Enrollment Application . Concurrently enrolled students are eligible to take college level classes only and are limited to a maximum of 11 units.
    International students must follow special procedures outlined in the college catalog and as regulated by their visa status. See International Students .
    Immigrant visa residents must provide their assigned "A number".
  • AB540:
    This law does not grant residency, it requires that certain nonresident students be exempted from paying nonresident tuition. This benefit is available to all US citizens, permanent residents of the US, and aliens who are not nonimmigrants (including those who are undocumented), who meet all other eligibility criteria listed below.
    • The student must have attended a California high school for 3 or more years.
    • Attendance could be at multiple California high schools
    • The student must have graduated from a California high school or attained the equivalent thereof (e.g., a GED or a high school proficiency exam). The GED or high school proficiency exam must be from California. There is no time limit on how far in the past the student might have attained this status.
    • Attendance at continuation high schools, charter high schools, independent study at the 9th-12th grade level while enrolled in a California public school, including a charter school, and private tutoring provided by a person holding a valid California teaching credential (and meeting other state requirements) are recognized under state law as acceptable manners in which to attend high school.
    • Home schooling -- instruction by a tutor or other person (including the student's parent) who did not have a valid California teaching credential -- is not acceptable.
    • The law does not distinguish between public and private high schools.
    • There is no time limit on how far in the past the student might have attended a California high school.
    • Students who are nonimmigrant aliens (the most common being the F series student visas and B series visitor visas), are not eligible for the exemption.
    • Students who previously held valid nonimmigrant visas but who are out of status at the time of execution of the affidavit are eligible for the exemption.

Any student who has met the above eligibility criteria must complete the "California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request" form.

NOTE: Undocumented students who have met the criteria above for AB 540 are exempted from paying nonresident tuition but are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA).

Registration Services

Web Registration
Students use WebAdvisor to register and pay for classes. Click here to begin searching for classes or log on to register. It is easy, quick, and can be done from the comfort of your home. Web registration assistance is available at all College of the Redwoods campuses and instructional sites or by phone from the Eureka Campus-based District Admissions & Records Office.

Note: For Eureka Campus Admissions & Records hours please visit the Admissions and Records home page .

There are a wide variety of popular short courses that begin later in the semester. You are encouraged to register in advance.

  • Last Day to Drop : Dates vary by the length of the class; contact the nearest campus or instructional site for clarification on a specific section.
  • Last Day to Receive a Refund : Refund dates vary by the length of the class; contact the nearest Admissions & Records Office for clarification on a specific section.

How Do You Move Off the Waitlist Once the Class has Started?

Students on waitlists must go to the first class meeting. Instructors will let you know if he/she will allow you to add the class. If the instructor chooses to add you to the class, s/he will let you know what time s/he will complete processing your add authorization. After that time, you will be able to log onto WebAdvisor and change your registration from "Waitlisted" to "Registered. It is your responsibility to register yourself for the class using WebAdvisor.

How Do You Add a Class?

Students may add an open class via WebAdvisor until 11:00pm the evening before the first class meeting.

  • If the class has already begun then it is up to the instructor to decide if s/he will take more students. The instructor must process an authorization in our computer system that will allow you to register for the class even though it has started..
  • It is your responsibility to add the class via WebAdvisor and pay any fees, if applicable.
  • Payment is due upon registration. Students may contact the Business Office to arrange payment plans if necessary.

How Do You Drop A Class?

You can drop a class using WebAdvisor. These links give important dates for the summer 2010 the fall 2010 terms.

Admissions and Records Calendar fall 2010

Admissions and Records Calendar summer 2010 13 week

Dropping after the end of the 10th week of class requires submission of a petition with documentation of extenuating circumstances beyond your control.


Refunds will be mailed to eligible students. See refund information for more information.


Students may audit classes with instructor approval by following these steps:

Complete an application for admission to CR.

  1. Complete the prerequisites for the course.
  2. Pick up an Audit form from the Admissions & Records Office.
  3. After the second class meeting, meet with the instructor to verify that you may audit the course. If the instructor signs your audit form; return the form to Admissions & Records.
  4. Pay fees of $15.00 per unit (non-refundable), and Health Fee of $12.00.
  5. Financial Aid (including fee waivers) does not cover audited courses.
  6. Once a student signs up to audit a course, the student cannot change to receiving credit and a grade for the coure.
  7. High School concurrently enrolled students may not audit courses.

Complaint of Unlawful Discrimination

The following services will be provided to students who enroll for credit at College of the Redwoods:

Processing applications

  • Assessment
  • Orientation and pre-orientation services
  • Counseling and advising
  • Assistance in developing a Student Educational Plan (SEP)
  • Post-enrollment evaluation of each student's progress
  • Referral of students to support services and/or specialized curriculum offerings

If you feel you have been denied any service to which you are entitled or if you feel that any procedures are being applied in a discriminatory manner:

  1. You may file a petition with the Dean of Student Development & Retention.
  2. A three-member panel, consisting of the Affirmative Action Officer, the Dean of Student Development & Retention, and an additional staff member will review your petition.
  3. The panel shall meet and notify you in writing within seven working days.
  4. If you want to appeal the panel's decision, contact the Vice President of Learning and Student Support in Room 203A of the Administration Building at the Eureka campus, or by calling 476-4177. Registration Guidelines and Tips:
What Do You Do Before Registering?
  • All new and returning students (you have not been registered for classes for two or more semesters) are required to submit an Application for Admission as early as possible.
  • Before you register, clear any prior debts to the college at the Business Services Office. Business Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.)
  • Review counseling, testing and orientation information .
  • Students are limited to registering for 18 units during priority, open registration, and Web registration. Students must have a advisor's approval to register for more than 18 units.
  • Check the class schedule to see if any courses you are enrolling in have a prerequisite. It is your responsibility to be sure you have met the prerequisite. Students enrolling in math and English courses may be required to show proof of eligibility.
  • Plan a balanced schedule. For example, English or math, social science general education, art/humanities general education, computer class, college success class, and tutoring labs if desired.
  • Classes with low enrollment may be canceled. Be sure to register early so your enrollment is counted!
  • Students currently on academic probation may need to see an advisor before registering for classes. Students subject to academic dismissal must have the approval of the Dean of Students before they register.

For the best course selection, register on or after your registration date during registration hours. Obtain all necessary clearances prior to registration.

Students wishing to enroll in math or English courses who have not completed the prerequisite requirement at College of the Redwoods, will need to meet with an advisor or counselor. (See Prerequisites ).


It is your responsibility to drop a class you do not plan to finish. Failure to drop a class may result in a debt and/or failing grade. See calendar for deadlines.


Some courses are graded on a letter-grade-only basis and some are graded on a Pass (P) No Pass (NP) only basis. Other courses offer students an option. To request a P/NP grade, select the "Register P/NP" option when registering for your class via WebAdvisor. If you decide to change you registration from Grade Only to P/NP after registration, you may do so up until the deadline indicated on the Calendar . For courses less than a semester in length, check with the Admissions & Records District Office or the Administration Office of the campus/instructional site nearest you for the deadline date.

  1. Students may audit classes when the following criteria have been met:
  2. Students must be eligible for regular admission and enrollment.
  3. Students must meet the prerequisite for the class(es) they audit.
  4. Priority in class enrollment shall be given to students desiring to take the course for credit toward a transfer program, degree, or certificate.
  5. In these cases, auditors can only enroll during the second class meeting and only after the course instructor has authorized the acceptance of the student to the class. Instructors will sign the audit registration form, which will be submitted by the student to the Enrollment Services Office.
  6. No student auditing a class shall be permitted to change his or her enrollment in that course to receive credit for the course or to switch from credit to audit status. No audit request will be approved after the last day to add or drop a course. Exceptions to this provision may be approved on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances by the Director of Enrollment Services, or the Campus Vice Presidents.
  7. The fee to audit a course is $15.00 per unit. No refund will be made on the $15.00 (per unit) audit fee. Retired faculty as well as retired classified staff of the district are entitled to the waiver of the audit fee for one course per term.
  8. Students enrolled in classes to receive academic credit for 10 or more credit units in a given term will not be charged a fee to audit three or fewer credit units in that same term.
  9. Audited courses will appear on students' transcripts and be retained as part of the permanent student record.
  10. Students auditing a course will not be counted toward minimum class sizes for purposes of determining whether a course will be retained.
  11. Classroom attendance of students auditing a course shall not be included in reporting the apportionment (FTES) due College of the Redwoods.
  12. Other appropriate fees associated with attendance (e.g. health fees, parking fees, etc.) must also be paid for courses to be audited.
  13. Audit fees will be accounted for within the student fee database and deposited into the District's unrestricted funds.
  14. Instructors shall determine the level of a student's participation in the course being audited.


It is the intent of the College of the Redwoods to direct students into courses in which they can achieve academic success. It is in your best interest to complete the prerequisite for a class in which you intend to enroll. Successfully completing the pre-requisite [with a grade of "C" or better] increases your probability for success. It is important for you to understand what a prerequisite is.

A prerequisite is a course you must take or preparation you must have before enrolling in another course. A prerequisite provides you with a set of skills or knowledge. Without these skills you are highly unlikely to succeed in the next course. You will not be permitted to enroll in courses and programs without meeting the appropriate prerequisite.
Example: completing MATH 380 with a 'C" grade or better is a prerequisite to enroll in MATH 120.

A corequisite is a course that you are required to take at the same time in order to enroll in another course. A corequisite provides a set of skills or a body of knowledge that you must acquire through concurrent enrollment in another course. Without these skills you are highly unlikely to succeed. If a course requires a "corequisite", you must enroll in both courses at the same time.

You may enroll in any course for which you can meet the necessary prerequisites. If you cannot provide verification for having completed a prerequisite then you will not be able to sign up for the intended class. If you do not pass a prerequisite then you will be dropped from the course and your enrollment fees refunded. You can verify that you have met the stated prerequisite in a variety of ways. For example, by completing the prerequisite at CR, an equivalent prerequisite at another college, and/or obtaining appropriate placement results. If you are not sure whether you have met a prerequisite, meet with an advisor or counselor before registration. This is even more important if you completed the prerequisite at another college.
NOTE: If you are enrolling in a course that is EITHER Math, English or has a prerequisite that was not met at CR but at another college, you will need to have your official transcripts evaluated by a counselor or advisor. Call 707.476. 4106 for assistance.

Students may challenge the prerequisite policy under certain conditions. Please print, sign, and bring this document to the appropriate department for their consideration of your request. Prerequisite Challenge Form

Fees *

Note: Additional information about these fees, as well as a listing of persons who may be exempt from paying the fees listed below, may be found in Board of Trustees Policy 529 and Administrative Regulation 529.01 . Additionally, page 15 of the 2008-2009 Catalog contains information regarding refunds:

Enrollment Fees


California Residents

Although (by definition) there is no “tuition” for California residents, there are still certain fees that residents are expected to pay as a condition of enrollment. These fees are:

  • An enrollment fee currently $26.00/ unit
  • A health services fee
    Eureka Campus $12.00/ semester, $7.00 summer session.
    Mendocino $4.00/ semester.
    Del Norte, Klamath-Trinity, and Arcata Sites, as well as students taking only off-campus classes $7.00/ semester, $5.00 summer session.
  • A small number of instructional materials fees (see individual course descriptions for details)
  • Refunds are made only for classes dropped by Friday of the second week of spring or fall classes. Short-term, winter, or summer classes have varying refund dates, some as early as the first day of class. Refunds will not be made for late drops/withdrawals.

Students needing financial assistance may visit the Financial Aid Website for more information.

(Fees Required as a Condition of Enrollment at the College)

Non-Resident Tuition

Students who have not been legal residents of the state of California for at least one year immediately preceding the beginning of the term in which they wish to enroll will be required to pay non-resident tuition. At the time of this printing, the rates that non-residents will be expected to pay as a condition of enrollment are:

  • Tuition currently $226.00/unit
  • An enrollment fee currently $26.00/ unit
  • A health services fee
    Eureka Campus $12.00/ semester, $7.00 summer session.
    Mendocino, Del Norte, Klamath-Trinity, and Arcata
    Sites, as well as students taking only off-campus
    classes $4.00/ semester, $4.00 summer session.
  • A small number of instructional materials fees (see individual course descriptions for details)
  • See page 15 of the catalog for refund policies.

a. Non-Residents Participating in the Oregon Exchange Program

The college has entered into agreements with three Oregon colleges to provide for a reciprocal exchange between institutions that are located in two different states but that are still geographically close to one another. The intent of this program is to be able to offer academic programs to students that may not be available at their own college. These colleges are:

  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Southern Oregon State University
  • Rogue Community College

Students attending CR under the auspices of one of these agreements are obligated to pay the following fees:

  • Tuition: an amount equal to 27% of the regular non-resident tuition, rounded to the nearest dollar. Currently $61.00/unit
  • An enrollment fee currently $26.00/unit
  • A health services fee
    Eureka Campus $12.00/ semester, $7.00 summer session.
    MendocinoDel Norte, Klamath-Trinity, and Arcata Sites, as well as students taking only off-campus classes $4.00/ semester, $4.00 summer session.
  • A small number of instructional materials fees (see individual course descriptions for details)

Health Fee

A mandatory health services fee will be charged as indicated above.

The following waivers/exemptions to this fee are available:

1. Students who receive a Board of Governors Fee Waiver
2. Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bonafide religious sect, denomination, or organization.

Requests for this exemption are made by petition to the Student Assistance Center (Eureka campus) and/or to the Vice President at the Del Norte or Mendocino Coast campuses.

Student Activity Fee

Students pay a student activity fee of $5.00 per term. This fee supports the Associated Students of College of the Redwoods (ASCR) social, educational, recreational, and athletic activities and programs on each campus.

This fee is automatically added to the billing. Students may contact the Business Office to request a refund if they want to opt out of paying the $5.00 fee.

Parking Fees

Because the college is considered a tenant at the Klamath-Trinity and Arcata sites, parking at these locations is currently free of charge. Parking on the Eureka, Del Norte, and Mendocino campuses, however, is by permit only. Semester or annual permits may be purchased at each of these sites according to the following schedule:

Annual (August to August) Permit $50.00
Fall or Spring Semester $30.00
Winter Session $6.00
Summer Session $10.00
One-day Permit $1.00

Annual (August to August) Permit $25.00
Fall or Spring Semester $15.00
Winter Session $3.00
Summer Session $5.00
One-day Permit $1.00

Available at vending machines located throughout the parking areas or at the following link :
Parking Permit (PDF)
This form will need to be printed out, filled out and returned to the Cashier's Office in the Administration building

*If an Automobile/Truck permit is purchased, and a motorcycle is the individual's second vehicle, a second permit will be issued at no additional charge.

Parking permit refunds will be issued prior to the established deadline of the term in which the permit was issued, provided the permit is presented to the Business Office at the time the request is made. Requests for refunds after the deadline must be based upon extenuating circumstances only.

PLEASE Note: Refunds are made only to the person who originally paid the fee.

Transcript Fee

Students can request an "unofficial" transcript at each campus or view and print their own copy via WebAdvisor. Students can request an “official” transcript via WebAdvisor. (**The first two transcripts are provided for free; however, you must use the Transcript Request Form to obtain your two free transcripts). Transcripts requested via WebAdvisor are always $5.00 per copy and are mailed out within one working day of receipt of payment.

If you do not have access to WebAdvisor, print and complete this Transcript Request Form and fax it to the Eureka Admissions & Records Office at 707-269-4406, or mail it to: 7351 Tompkins Hill Road Eureka, CA 95501, along with payment information. Transcripts requested in this manner will be mailed out within 10 business days.


Need to Request a CR transcript?

Official transcripts can be obtained by logging on to WebAdvisor* and clicking on “Request Official Transcript” from the student menu. These transcripts are produced as "RUSH" orders and are mailed the next working day after the payment has been received. Because they are "RUSH", these transcript requests are $5 each.


Transcripts requested via WebAdvisor are always $5.00 per copy and are mailed out the next working day after receipt of payment. (**The first two transcripts are provided for free; however, you must use the Transcript Request Form at the bottom of this page to obtain your two free transcripts). After the first two free requests, the cost of each transcript is $5.00 per copy.

Unofficial transcripts are free and can be obtained by logging into WebAdvisor and clicking on “view unofficial transcript."

How long does it take?

Online transcript requests are processed within one working day of receipt of payment . Mailed requests are processed the first and third Tuesdays after receipt of payment. Use the "mail in" method for requesting your first two free transcripts.

If you want your transcript to include your current semester's grades, you must request your transcripts after your grades have been posted or indicate this on your Transcript Request Form .

If you want your transcripts to include your degree, please be aware that:

  • Degrees and certificates will be posted to transcripts within 3 weeks after the end of the semester for those students sitting for State Board Exams.
  • For all other students, degrees and certificates will be posted 8 weeks after the end of the semester.

* All currently registered Students have a WebAdvisor logon ID. For assistance check the WebAdvisor Frequently Asked Questions . If your last class was prior to 2002 we will need to create an account. Please contact our ITS Help Desk at 707 476-4160 for further information and support.

If you have questions about your transcripts, please call the District Admissions & Records Office at (707) 476.4200

I f you choose not to use WebAdvisor to request your transcripts, you may print and mail the form.

Transcript Request Form Here (Needs Adobe's free Acrobat Reader )

Mail to:

Admissions & Records, District Office
7351 Tompkins Hill Road
Eureka, CA 95501
Assessment Services

Once students have filled out and turned in their enrollment forms and have a current CR ID number, they can take English and math assessments. For more information call the ASC at (707) 476-4106. All of the following tests are held in the Academic Support Center.

Assessment testing will be offered on specific dates and times beginning August 1, 2010. Please check the Fall 2010 schedule for more information (PDF). Walk-in assessments are available through July 30, 2010. The ASC hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday, and 8:00 - 4:00 pm Fridays.
Practice For Your Test

Students who have filled out and turned in their College of the Redwoods enrollment forms and have a current CR ID # can take English and math assessments. All entering CR students must take assessments (as part of the matriculation process) in order to determine their current skill levels for placement into appropriate courses. Assessments are given at scheduled dates and times and students must reserve a space in advance by contacting the Academic Support Center (ASC) at (707) 476-4106. These tests are computerized and students must be familiar with the use of keyboard and mouse. Accommodations are available for students with disabilities. For more information please contact the Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSP&S) at (707) 476-4280.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) has a variety of resources available to help students prepare for their math & English assessments. The Library has numerous math texts in the general collection that students and community members can borrow once they have a library card. To secure a library card, patrons need a valid photo I.D. and verification (such as a PG&E bill) of a local address within Humboldt, Mendocino, or Del Norte counties.
Math assessment: Tests are un-timed. Online resources are listed below to assist with preparation:


English assessment: Tests are un-timed. Online resources are listed below to assist with preparation:

    Scroll down to take a practice test for “Reading Comprehension” and “Sentence Skills.”
    Check out some sample Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills questions.

Official CollegeBoard Site

Important Reminders
  • Anyone taking an assessment MUST present a current photo ID at the time of testing or will not be permitted to take the exam. Acceptable photo IDs include: a valid driver's license, CR ID card, State ID, or passport.
  • Results for all students are available after testing.
  • Returning and transfer-in students can register for their classes online through WebAdvisor 48 hours after their assessment testing.
  • Accommodations are available for students with disabilities. Students requesting accommodations need to provide 24-hour advance notice to the Assessment Supervisor.
  • Students must know their CR ID # in order to take an assessment.
  • No personal calculators are allowed during the assessments.
  • Anyone not complying with these terms will not be able to take a test .
Assessment Re-tests
  • For English re-tests, students must also have a referral form from Counseling/Advising.
  • Once students have taken the Reading Comprehension & Sentence Skills assessment and enrolled in the English sequence of courses, there is no opportunity to re-test.
  • Besides disputing initial placement results, there is an opportunity for students who place into English 350 to challenge the English 150 Competency Exam and be promoted to English 1A once they have successfully completed the course; however, there are several criteria which must be met. These include receiving an A in the course, a 4 or 5 on the English 350 competency exam, a 4 or 5 on the English 150 competency exam, recommendation from the English 350 instructor, and agreement to co-enroll in English 152 and 1A.
  • The Math Department allows students to re-take any level Math assessment twice within a testing period.
Assessment Exemptions
  • Students who have obtained an AA/AS degree or higher.
  • Students attending CR in order to maintain a certificate or license (e.g. Real Estate, Nursing, or Administration of Justice).
  • Students attending CR for the sole purpose of personal enrichment who are enrolling only in a course or courses that are designated as recreation or activity-oriented. Should a student choose to enroll at a later time in courses that are not recreation or activity-oriented, he or she will need to complete assessment.
  • Students who provide verification of having completed state-approved placement tests at another California community college within the past three years. Test placement scores and test date must be provided to the Counseling Center.
  • Students having completed college level English and/or math courses with a grade of C or better at other accredited colleges. Transcripts showing class and class grade must be provided to the Counseling Center. If the course was completed five or more years ago, it is strongly recommended that students complete assessment to re-evaluate their math and skills.
  • Students who verify completion of the College Entrance Examination Board Math and/or English Advanced Placement Examination with scores of 3, 4, or 5.

Orientation and advising sessions will be held on a drop-in basis. Please remember to bring your assessment scores and make sure you are on time.

Please contact the Counseling and Advising Office with any questions at 707.476.4150 or you can email us at:

Support Center

Welcome to the Ask CR Support Center. This area provides support to ask questions of college representatives in Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, Advising, Special Programs, Distance Education, Technology Services, and Maintenance. It also provides a space for work orders for technology, maintenance, and printing services. The support site provides two different methods for getting assistance.

  1. Knowledge Base for self-service searches. It currently has over 200 articles with more being added every week. Please return frequently to see what is new. Though you can access many articles without logging in to the system, there are a number of articles that are not available to the public. By logging in you will see articles specific to your access level. For example, faculty will see articles on how to use the gradebook in MyCR.
  2. Request Support or Enter a Work Order for individual service . To get individualized service, you click on the Ask CR link (purple ticket with a question mark). This will take you to a log-in screen. All students, faculty and staff log-in with their CR issued email address and the initial password is your five or six digit birthdate. Please fill out all fields to get the quickest response.

Examples of Log-in -

Student : 101584 (birthdate of October 15, 1984)

Faculty-Staff : 90364 (birthdate of September 3, 1964)

If your log-in does not work, please contact our Help Desk at 707 476-4160 to verify your account settings. Having your seven digit Student ID Number and other confirming information ready will help to expedite the process.

Knowledge Base
College of the Redwoods > Financial Aid > General Financial Aid Questions
1. What is the Estimated Cost of Attendance at College of the Redwoods and how does it impact my financial aid eligibility?
2. Do I have to pay taxes on my financial aid?

FAFSA Application Process
1. How do I complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
2. How do I sign my FAFSA application if I can't remember my PIN number?

1. Where can I find a list of what scholarships are available at College of the Redwoods?
2. How do I get a copy of my unofficial CR transcripts?

Financial Aid Disbursements/Payments
1. When will I get my Pell Grant check?
2. Exactly how much money will be on my next financial aid check?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
1. What are the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirements that I must meet for Financial Aid eligibility?
2. What is the 'Maximum Timeframe' requirement for financial aid? Can I appeal if I do not meet the requirement?

1. How do I apply for a Loan?
2. How can I find information about my prior loans, such as status, amount and lender name?

Board of Governor's (BOG) Fee Waiver
1. What is the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver and how do I apply?

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG)
1. What is SEOG and how can I qualify?


Fredrick and Charles Beauty College

Fredrick and Charles Beauty College

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College
831 F St
Eureka, CA 95501
General Phone: (707) 443-2733

  • Programs: cosmetology, aesthetician and skin care, manicurist, education courses.
  • Degrees/Certificates: Certificates. Bachelor's. Master's. Doctor's. First-professional degree.
  • Student Body: 89 students, 110 full-time equivalent.
  • SAT: not generally required.
  • Notable: Career counseling. Placement assistance.

Overview of Fredrick And Charles Beauty College

The main campus of Fredrick And Charles Beauty College is in Eureka, CA (a self-contained town). The school is a private, for-profit school. Fredrick And Charles Beauty College offers degrees up to the Certificate.

Areas of Study

The school students most commonly major in a field related to beauty and cosmetology.

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College Selectivity

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College does not accept everyone who applies.

Student Body

In 2007-2008, the school had 89 enrolled students.

The school reports its educational mission is:
"To provide instruction in the field of cosmetology, manicuring, esthetics and teacher training To instruct students in comsumer protection, to protect the consumer from improper handling of implements, chemicals and sanitation. To provide students with information on the newest and latest products and techniques in their related field. To ensure that students successfully complete necessary hours and requirements to be eligible for the State Board licensing examination. To impart the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to complete and pass the required State Board examination. To produce a successful salon employee, manager, owner. To let students know what salon owners expect, such as dependability, professioanlism and completion of all operations in the most efficient, concise manner possible while maintaining high quality and patron happiness."

More complete details are provided below.

Contacting Fredrick And Charles Beauty College

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College
831 F St
Eureka, CA 95501
General Phone: (707) 443-2733

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Fredrick And Charles Beauty College Programs and Degrees (2008-2009)

General Category Degrees Most Common Majors [see all]
Beauty And Cosmetology 54 cosmetology, aesthetician and skin care, manicurist
Education And Teaching 0 education courses

Number of programs and degrees for Fredrick And Charles Beauty College in 2008-2009:

Degree Level Total
Awarded Number of
Award of at least 1 but less than 2 academic years 40 1
Award of less than 1 academic year 14 3

Student Body

In 2007-2008 , Fredrick And Charles Beauty College had a total enrollment of 89 students (110 full-time equivalent).

Students in the Freshman Class:

Group Percent
Men 6%
Women 94%
Full-Time 100%
Part-Time 0%

Students By Class:

Group Percent
Undergraduate 100%
Racial Diversity : Race Percent
White 85%
Black 1%
Hispanic 6%
Asian 2%
American Indian 6%

Students by Age:

Age Percent
Under 18 3%
18-19 34%
20-21 17%
22-24 15%
25-29 11%
30-34 10%
35-39 4%
40-49 3%
50-64 2%

Incoming (Freshman) Students by Place of Residence:
(From available data sampling)

Residence Percent
California 97%
Illinois 1%
Minnesota 1%

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College Graduation, Retention, and Transfers

Retention Rates (2007):

Group Returning From
Previous Year
Full-Time 81 %

Graduation and Transfer Rates (2007):
(Graduation rate is percent of students graduating within 150% of the normal time.)

Item Percent
Graduating 83%
Transfer Out 1%

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College Room and Board (2007)

The school does not offer campus housing.

(Please refer to our profile of Eureka, California for details about the area surrounding the campus. Also see our list of other California Colleges ).

The school does not offer students a meal plan.

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College Admissions and Selectivity


Group Applicants Accepted Percent
Accepted Enrolled Percent of
Accepted Enrolled
Total 67 67 100% 67 100%
Men 4 4 100% 4 100%
Women 63 63 100% 63 100%

Application Requirements:

Item Requirement
GPA not required
Class Rank not required
High School Record required
College Prep Program not required
Recommendations not required
Formal Demonstration of Competence not required
Standardized Tests (SAT and/or ACT) not required
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) not required

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College Expenses and Financial Aid (2008-2009)

Financial Aid:
Fredrick And Charles Beauty College participates in Federal Title IV financial aid programs. (The school's OPE ID is 2230900)

Fredrick And Charles Beauty College Degree Programs (2007)

Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist
Cosmetology/Cosmetologist, General
Nail Technician/Specialist and Manicurist

Education, Other










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